Alina – Bunami Ink

Fineline & Dotwork Tattoo Art

My mission is to create filigree and unique illustrations that you can wear under your skin as a tattoo forever. My illustrations are unique and are therefore only tattooed once.


Since the beginning I have only made very fine tattoos with high artistic standards and these are exclusively unique. This includes very feminine and delicate motifs, but also natural, clear and reduced illustrations. Nature is my source of inspiration for the fine bouquets and floral silhouettes for which people from all over the world come to me, which is a great honor for me.

My name is Alina Eidt. I studied graphic designer and illustration, was born in Lviv / Ukraine and live in Hanover / Germany. I developed my love for tattoos at the age of 15 when I got my first tattoo. From then on I was fascinated by the idea of being able to express art not only on canvases made of paper. After graduating from the University of Art and Science in Hildesheim, I worked for some time as an art director and freelance designer and illustrator. In summer 2016 I met my mentor, in whose studio I first learned the basics before setting up my own studio.


I regularly post my available designs on Instagram. These may be requested by email or Wanna Do contact form . All Wanna Do designs are unique and are only drawn and tattooed once.

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