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Fineline & Dotwork Tattoo Art

My mission is to design individual and unique illustrations that you can wear as a tattoo under your skin forever. Copies of other works of art are not possible. My illustrations are unique and are brought under the skin once.


My name is Alina Eidt. I am a graphic designer and illustrator, born in Lviv / Ukraine, living in Hanover / Germany. I graduated from the University of Art and Science in Hildesheim in 2012 and since then have worked as an art director, freelance designer and illustrator.

I developed my love of tattoos when I was 15 and got my first tattoo. From then on I was fascinated by the idea of being able to do my art not only on paper canvases. In summer 2016, I met my future mentor. I was so enthusiastic about his experience and his art that a short time later I decided to introduce myself with my work in his studio so that I could watch him work and learn as much as possible from him.

I did a self-study with my mentor in his tattoo studio in Hanover for 8 months, until I went abroad for 8 months in the summer of 2017 to further develop my technique and my craft and to gain experience. Since my return in spring 2018, I have been practicing as a freelance illustrator and tattoo artist in my own studio in Hanover. I do this job 100% out of love and therefore only design illustrations with artistic standards.


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