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How to get an appointment with the tattoo artist

This guide aims to help you get an appointment with your favorite artist. While every artist is different and has different ideas about their work, there are a few things you should consider with all tattoo artists before requesting an appointment with them. This also includes some do's and don'ts to keep in mind if you want to increase your chances of getting one of those coveted appointments with your favorite tattoo artist.

What do you have to do to get an appointment?

Every tattoo artist works differently and makes appointments in their own way. Usually an appointment is announced, where you can then "apply" for an appointment with your favorite artist on a certain day or period: "books open" means that the appointments are made and an appointment is currently possible, "books closed" means that you still have to be patient because the artist cannot make an appointment because he is already fully booked. In this case, it means staying tuned in and following the stories and posts on Instagram.

How do I contact a tattoo artist who is currently making appointments?

Many tattoo artists write on Instagram how they make their appointments and how they would like to be contacted. Messenger often makes it difficult to identify your name, so many artists prefer to be contacted via email or their contact form. 

Is it important to stick to what the tattoo artist recommends?

Absolutely, yes. If you read all the information of the tattoo artist in advance and stick to it, you will have the best chance of getting an appointment. After all, this is a way of showing your respect for the artist and whether getting an appointment is really important to you. If you don't follow the artist's specifications in your request (e.g. leaving important fields in the contact form unanswered), this usually means that you will not receive an appointment.

After submitting your request: The right mix of patience and response time

Once you have sent your request for your desired motif, you have to be patient. In addition to drawing their motifs, tattooing and organizational tasks, popular tattoo artists will take some time to answer all inquiries. 

Updates and information about the current appointment allocation are posted on Instagram and mentioned in stories. Nevertheless, it is usually necessary to respond to an appointment proposal from the tattoo artist relatively quickly so that he can fill his appointment calendar quickly and not so much time elapses between your request and his appointment proposal. You should always keep an eye on your inbox so that you can reply quickly.

You have received an appointment proposal and would like to make an appointment

Congratulations, you have been suggested one of the appointments! Your commitment is required in the following steps, i.e. clarifying final questions and preparing for the appointment.

You have not received an appointment suggestion

Too bad you didn't get a date suggestion. It usually only helps to wait until the next appointment is made and perhaps reformulate your request. There are many reasons for not being able to get an appointment. Not being able to get an appointment is often due to the following reasons:

· Important information is missing, e.g. to the size, approximate position, to the motif. This makes it very difficult for the artist to assess what you really want. 

· the desired style of your desired motif does not match the style of the artist. Every tattoo artist has their own way of drawing and tattooing. You should look at as many pictures and videos of the tattoo artist as possible beforehand. Does your desired motif match the tattoos that have already been done?

· A copy of an artwork is requested (which makes the customer as well as the tattoo artist liable to prosecution by infringing copyrights. Therefore, never have images that you found on Instagram/Pinterest or other sources on the Internet tattooed on you. Real artists don't copy!)

You received an appointment proposal and changed your mind

In this case, it helps the artist a lot if you tell him or her quickly that you cannot accept the appointment. This also shows that good communication with the artist is important to you. For example, if you request appointments several times, but then no longer react to suggested appointments, it is more likely that no appointment will be offered in the future.

Do’s und Don’ts

Here are some valuable tips to increase your chances of getting an appointment with your tattoo artist.


Answer all questions of the fields in the contact form

adhere to all information & react quickly

Only send sample images from the artist for guidance

every real tattoo artist who draws a motif for you or puts his Wanna Do on your skin as a single piece does so out of passion and out of love for art. Showing your appreciation with a little something (e.g. flowers, a postcard or chocolate) is a great way to show your connection to the artist.


omit important information in the request

do not stick to the info (send messages via DM instead of email etc.)

request a motif in the style of another artist

Request 1:1 copies of drawn pictures as tattoos

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