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In Amsterdam

The Dutch capital Amsterdam with its world-famous canals is worth a visit at any time of the year. Numerous museums, markets, international restaurants, design shops and cute cafés are within walking distance and a visit is also perfect for a short trip.

There is a lot to discover in Amsterdam in a relatively small area. The area around the Leidseplein is very centrally and beautifully located and offers a few hotels and a lot of restaurants. From there you can walk to the studio in about 5 minutes. The nearest train stations are Vijzelgracht and Rijksmuseum. 

Jordaan and the 9 streets

When the weather is good, you can sit in the café along the Jordaan canals and watch the boats go by.

In the "9 streets" there are many beautiful design shops and small boutiques to explore. The nine streets consist of nine side streets of the Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, Herengracht and Singel in the center of Amsterdam. Together they form a sub-district with many small and varied shops and restaurants within the larger western canal belt. The development in this area dates back to the first half of the 17th century.

In Amsterdam there are many boats that were originally used in shipping and now, converted for living purposes, they serve as houseboats.

The florally decorated bicycles dotted around the city are the work of an American named Warren Gregory. Known as the "Flower Bike Man", Warren started decorating bikes when his wife, Michelle, couldn't find her bike. She suffers from epilepsy and was therefore often unable to remember the place where she left her bike. To help her, Warren decorated her bike with bright flowers so it couldn't be missed. He then decorated other (abandoned) bikes that he left on her way home so she never got lost again.

On a boat

Canal cruises are available all day. They are particularly worth seeing at night due to the city's illumination. The open-top boats are not always protected against rain, but the visibility is much better and you can hear more. You will find some providers at the Anne Frank House, the trip takes about an hour. Seats do not need to be reserved and you can pay on the boat.

The ferries to A'dam Lookout and NDSM

On the left side behind Amsterdam Central Station you will find the ferries, which are free to use.
The ferry to Amsterdam Noord (Buiksloterweg) takes you to A'dam Lookout with its rooftop swing and a unique view of the city.

The NDSM ferry takes you to the former shipyard of the same name with the street art museum.
The largest flea market in Europe also takes place in the IJ Hallen (in good weather also outside). It usually takes place once a month, on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Anne Frank at NDSM Streetart Museum

Museum Quarter

South of the city center, in the adjoining Museum Quarter, you'll find the most famous and largest museums. The Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the Moco Museum, in which e.g. some works by Banksy can be seen. To visit the museums, however, it is necessary to reserve tickets well in advance.

De Pijp

Southeast of the Museum quarter is the district de Pijp, with many great restaurants and the Albert Cuypmarkt, which also sells the well-known, warm Stroopwafel.

But you can also explore the city without planning, there is something to see on every corner within the canal belt.

Amsterdam is full of bicycles, eBikes and scooters. Since the cycle paths run right next to the sidewalks and you can stand on them quickly, you should be careful where you step at all times.
It is also advisable to always have an umbrella with you, as the weather is changeable and it often rains. In many hotels you can simply rent one for the day.

Getting there

Although the city center is passable for cars, there is very little parking. A very good option for parking is the P+R multi-storey car parks, where you can park your car behind the barrier and then take the bus or train to the city with a combined ticket. How to do this is described in more detail on the machine.

However, the journey by public transport is more relaxed. Amsterdam Centraal train station is located in the center of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport is also in the immediate vicinity. 

Find more information about P+R car parks and spaces on on the website of the City of Amsterdam.

Event planner

Every season there are other events, concerts and exhibitions during the week and weekends, many of which you can find here on the website of

Alina BUNAMI INK – 2022

Fineline & Dotwork Art

by Bunami

Since the beginning I have only made very fine tattoos with high artistic standards. This includes very feminine and delicate motifs, but also natural, clear and reduced illustrations. Nature serves as a source of inspiration for the fine bouquets and floral silhouettes for which people from all over the world come to me, which is a great honor for me.


AMSTERDAM, NL· 16.02.2023 
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