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On this page you will find information about your appointment and temporary tattoos.



Navigate to Amsterdam in the menu of this website and you will find all information on how to book an appointment for a Wanna Do. Currently appointments are only given for available Wanna Dos.

What is a wanna do?

Wanna Dos are motifs that I design for an implementation as a tattoo and then publish on this website. You can request a Wanna Do via this website by clicking on the menu item “Amsterdam“.

Every Wanna Do is a unique piece and will be tattooed only a single time.
Please note that each design is reserved exclusively for a single client to be tattooed by me.
The only exception to this is a partner tattoo. Here the Wanna Do can be implemented on the same date for you and your partner, your girlfriend or a family member. There are no other exceptions to this, every motif is an original.
Reserved Wanna Dos can therefore not be requested again. Tattoos are only possible from the age of 18 years.

Is there a way to get a consultation appointment?

Consultation appointments are not possible for organizational reasons. On this website and at you can find inspiration and get a good impression of what to expect. A deviation from this style is impossible. Should you still have questions, e.g. from your personal or health situation, you are welcome to send your questions by email to shop @

Can I bring an accompanying person?

Accompanying persons are not permitted. You are welcome to be accompanied to the studio, but it is not possible for your companion to stay in the studio for a longer period of time.

What should I consider on the day of my appointment?

Please make sure that the part of the body to be tattooed does not have any pressure points. Therefore, I recommend loose-fitting clothing on the body part to be tattooed. Light (white/beige/pastel)/fleecy tops are ideal for particularly beautiful photos.

It is important that you have energy: this means that you are well rested. Please eat and drink enough (but no coffee / tea) before your tattoo appointment. It is also important not to consume any blood-thinning medication or beverages containing caffeine on that day.

I recommend not getting a tattoo when:

• Taking cortisone and / or antibiotics (up to 5 days before your tattoo appointment)
• Vaccination in the past 48 hours
• pregnancy
• Neurodermatitis or hives on the area to be tattooed (this applies to open wounds and irritated skin only in the desired position)
• Sunburn on the area to be tattooed

Getting there

Our studio is located in the center of Amsterdam, at Weteringstraat 39A. Please note that a visit to the studio is only possible if an appointment has been reserved.

If you arrive on the day of your appointment, we recommend using public transport.

If you arrive by car, you should plan in advance, as parking spaces in Amsterdam are very limited. Find more information on parking facilities on the website of the city of Amsterdam.

Delay / cancellation

If you are unable to keep your appointment for any reason, this must be communicated in good time (as early as possible). The reservation fee applies only to the reserved date. If the date is postponed, a new reservation fee for the new date is due.

If you do not show up or are very late (>20 minutes), the amount already paid and the right to a new appointment will also be forfeited. That's why it's all the more important to communicate early on if something very important comes up. 

More information

Touch Ups

Whether your tattoo needs to be re-engraved depends, among other things, on your skin and / or care. If, after healing, you should find that it needs to be re-pierced, it will work as follows: The re-piercing will be carried out at my discretion (as necessary). Please contact me within 2 months of your appointment with an appointment request for the re-engraving. Please send me a photo of the area to be re-engraved so that I can estimate the scope. Should the healing process go badly due to grossly negligent treatment of the wound, I reserve the right not to pierce your tattoo or not to pierce it free of charge. You can find the care information in my care instructions at the bottom of the page.


The answer to your Wanna Do request contains an exact price estimate as well as all the necessary information about your appointment.


Tattoos will always look a little different than the design on paper. There may be deviations depending on the skin texture and positioning. An exact preview of the result cannot be simulated. In rare cases it can happen that the color "bleeds" in the skin. This can never be ruled out and depends on your connective tissue. Unfortunately, the risk of a blow-out cannot be ruled out in advance.


Despite maintaining the greatest possible hygiene, complications can occur. Allergic reactions and inflammation are possible. The risk of infection cannot be ruled out either. Proper care of the tattoo is also part of avoiding it. You will receive printed care instructions after your appointment.


If I cannot keep the appointment for health reasons, I will contact you immediately and give you a new appointment proposal.
Expenses are excluded.

Copyright protection

All images and drawings (e.g. the images labeled Wanna Do) on this website and are protected by copyright. Copying the motifs with the purpose of having them tattooed in another tattoo studio is a criminal act according to § 106 UrhG which can be punished with a fine or imprisonment. Please also consider whether you would like to be tattooed by someone who is trying to earn money with stolen motifs. Wearing a fake on your skin is especially not a good feeling when asked about it.

I also wrote a blog post on the subject of copies, you can find the post here:
About Copies

Hygiene & protection of your health


Understanding and strict compliance with hygiene standards is the basis of the work of all employees and artists in the BUNAMI INK studio. After each session, the work areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by the employee. The cleaning of the work area is recorded in a plan that is continuously checked.

BUNAMI INK is licensed by the dutch health administration (RIVM, Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu) in Amsterdam.

Tattooing regulation

On November 27, 2008, the new German tattoo agent regulation of November 13, 2008 was published in the Federal Law Gazette. The regulation entered into force on May 1, 2009. The regulation ensures that the use of harmful ingredients is finally banned. In our work, we extend this regulation by rejecting colors and materials that contain animal ingredients or that have been tested on animals.

Materials and environment

We only use vegan ink and the highest quality disposable materials that are disposed of after each session.

As far as possible and available, we use recyclable single-use materials made from renewable raw materials. But only if they can be used as safely and hygienically as conventional disposable materials without any restrictions.

Tattoo aftercare

Everything you need to know and need is available from the studio. You don't have to get anything yourself in advance. You can find the care instructions as PDF and video below on this page, you will also receive them in printed form at your appointment.

Tattoo care instructions (PDF / Video)

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoo instructions

Temporary tattoos by Alina are available on Etsy  or in the shop at


· Temporary tattoos last 1–7 days on the skin, depending on the use and position
· Please never bring the temporary tattoo into contact with creams, otherwise it will dissolve
· Differences in temperature between your surroundings, your body and the tattoo itself can cause it to not hold well
· the best possible result can be achieved if the tattoo is used at room temperature

Video instructions for temporary tattoos: