Wanna Do Tattoos

All Wanna Do designs are unique and are only drawn and tattooed once.

Here you can find my current Wanna Do tattoo designs, those without “sold” button are still available. At Wanna Dos, appointment suggestions are made immediately when you reserve the motif, so you no longer have to wait until the next appointment is made to receive an appointment proposal. If you are interested in one of the designs, please send me an inquiry:

All images and drawings (e.g. the images labeled Wanna Do) on this website and instagram.com/bunami.ink are protected by copyright. Copying the motifs with the purpose of having them tattooed in another tattoo studio is a criminal act according to § 106 UrhG which can be punished with a fine or imprisonment. Please also consider whether you would like to be tattooed by someone who is trying to earn money with stolen motifs. Wearing a fake on your skin is especially not a good feeling when asked about it.