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Temporary Tattoos

Post edited on November 13, 2022

Temporary tattoos are available in the shop on The tattoos come on printed sheets and are packaged in a protective sleeve. They last 1-7 days after application, instructions are included.

Temporary tattoos (also called fake tattoos) are a good way to test a position on the body before getting a real tattoo. They are also perfect for events such as birthdays, festivals, bachelorette parties and photo shoots.

There are floral bouquets, wildflower bouquets, butterflies, mandalas, moons and other wild flowers, and some animals too. All you need to apply the tattoos is a pair of scissors and a wet cloth.

The adhesive tattoos are dermatologically tested and can be removed at any time in the shower with a sponge and shower gel. The temporary tattoos can also be removed with an oil-based make-up remover or cream.

Temporary tattoos by Alina are available on Etsy or in the shop at

If you put on spray plaster, it will seal the tattoos and they will last longer.


Video tutorial for temporary tattoos

In my Video-tutorial auf Youtube zeige ich, wie man temporary Tattoos auf die Haut bringt. Alle Tattoos sind von mir gestaltet.

Videoanleitung für temporary Tattoos von BUNAMI INK
Alina BUNAMI INK – 2022

Fineline & Dotwork Art

by Bunami

Since the beginning I have only made very fine tattoos with high artistic standards. This includes very feminine and delicate motifs, but also natural, clear and reduced illustrations. Nature serves as a source of inspiration for the fine bouquets and floral silhouettes for which people from all over the world come to me, which is a great honor for me.


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